Warm-up and stretch before jumping, start easy and play it safe.

  • You must have a signed waiver before jumping
  • You can only jump with GJS Socks or GJS Spyder Shoes™
  • No lying down or sitting on trampolines
  • Do not grab the yellow or blue padding or netting
  • No double jumping, only one person per mat when doing high jumps
  • No wrestling, racing, tackling or shoving
  • Do not operate cell phones or cameras on trampolines
  • No headshots while playing dodgeball
  • Do not kick dodgeball
  • Remove glasses, sharp objects or jewelry that might cause injury
  • Remove sharp objects from your pockets
  • No belt buckles, studs or beads on clothing
  • Must wear your shirt at all times
  • No chewing gum in the facility
  • No outside drinks or food except cake or cupcakes
  • No silly string, confetti, or piñatas

Our indoor trampoline arenas are designed to be much safer than typical backyard trampolines. The rectangular trampoline surfaces have thick padding between the mats, and also between the frames and springs. Vertical trampoline mats keep jumpers from falling outside the court, and safety nets cover all other openings. Our trampolines are made in USA and we use lead & PDBE free materials that exceed RoHas health and safety standards.

All customers are asked to sign a Release of Liability form before gaining admittance (download here). Jumpers are admitted on an hourly basis, wearing a wristband or stick-on labels that identifies the hour they are allowed to jump. In addition to wristbands or labels, jumpers are required to wear Jump Socks or GJS Shoes that can be purchased onsite. Lockers and cubbies are available for jumpers to place their personal belongings. Before the jumping session, arena rules are explained by Great Jump staff, who also supervises the jumping sessions.

After that, the jumping fun begins!